In addition to my daily work, I am engaged in several long-term projects.

Book Project


Restoration of Motorcylces


  • Book Project ‘New Aircraft Engines’

    I am writing a book with the work title ‘New Aircraft Engines’, which focuses on my special field of aircraft power plants. For this project, I am still collecting information about modern aircraft engines and new projects – especially all power plants suitable for aeronautic use: small or large piston engines, electric and hybrid drives, plus all kinds of jet engines. I am particularly interested in ecological alternatives, and in the use of cutting edge techniques and technologies. Even smallest manufacturers and amateur based conversions not intended for serial production are of interest. I am thankful for any suggestions, hints and information from this field.

  • Homebuilt

    Since my childhood I am into flying and being a ‘hands-on-type’, it is a logical consequence for an aeronautic engineer to build his own airplane. My actual building-project is the Experimental aircraft Pulsar XP and thus I am in intense communication with other airplane-builders und –developers all over the world.

  • Restoration of Old Italian Motorcylces

    Since decades I acquire experiences with Italian motorcycles. My favorites are Moto Guzzi old-timer; one of my past restoration-projects is the ‘Airone Sport’ from 1950. My long-term membership in different Italian old-timer clubs motivates my work and gives me the possibility to get in touch with many leading figures of the Italian motorcycle-history.

  • LAMA

    As a consultant, I support the LAMA (Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association /USA), because transparency in the certification process, and safety in the LSA area are important to me. LAMA helps its international members - the manufacturers of LSA aircraft – to create transparency, and supports them with a global harmonization of certification guidelines, especially with regard to national legislators. The intention is to set-up independent certification centers in Europe, to help the manufacturers in the process of certifying their new aircraft according to the LSA rules. This could ultimately provide a greater variety of models on the market. In addition to present activities, the new Lama Safety Initiative works towards an increase of safety in the LSA area.,