Current Activities


Special Skills

  • Qualifications

  • Graduated Aeronautic Engineer
  • Science Editor
  • Graduated in Trade and Commerce
  • Military Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot Licence / IFR / PPL
  • Technical English
  • Special Skills

  • Profound knowledge of almost all areas of civil and military aviation; focus on business and general aviation, microlights / LSA, homebuilts and experimental aircraft
  • Recently specialized in AC certification procedures in Europe and US
  • Operational experience in organization of trade fairs, and coordination of media relations
  • Large number of contacts, and insider knowledge in the international aviation industry (focus on Europe and USA)
  • Forging partnerships and establishing contacts with potential suppliers and customers on industrial and commercial level
  • Detailed knowledge of automotive, motorcycle, and boat technology
  • Languages: Croatian, Italian, German, English